December 1st 2020





Opening Session

Discover exclusive content from our partners, covering the latest strategies in public afffairs and the challenges the industry faces going forward. 


Chair's introduction

Speaker: Paul Richards, Former Special Adviser & author of Be Your Own Spin Doctor (Confirmed)



A morning interview with Carolyn Harris MP and The House magazine

  • Successfully driving change from the backbenches

Speaker: Carolyn Harris MP (Confirmed)



Morning address from CIPR

Speaker: Senior representative from CIPR 


Create, refresh and implement a public affairs strategy (panel discussion)

  • Digital: Harness innovative tools to create and drive a more effective campaign
  • Integration: Top-tips to move key internal stakeholders in the same direction 
  • Being realistic: Set goals that are trackable and achievable
  • Social media: Right channels, right message, right time

Speaker: Margaret Ambrose, Head of Public Affairs and Public Relations, Young Enterprise (Confirmed)

Speaker: Dr. Hannah White, Deputy Director, Institute for Government (Confirmed)



Public relations: Diversity and inclusion (double perspective

  • Does public relations suffer from a cultural problem, resulting in a failure to support and retain diverse talent?
    • More than 1 in 4 have attended a fee-paying school - compared to under 1 in 10 for the UK
    • Whilst the gender pay gap is closing, it still stands in excess of £5,000
    • And more than 9 in 10 classify themselves as white
  • How can we change recruiting processes to attract, retain and grow a diverse profession?

Speakers: Melissa Lawrence, Chief Executive, Taylor Bennett Foundation (Confirmed)

Speakers: Laura Sainsbury, Chair, Women in Public Affairs (Confirmed)


Lunch Break

Afternoon Session

This session looks at what messages cut through to stakeholders, how your business can track successes, and developing an effective campaign on a budget.


Chair's afternoon remarks

Speaker: Paul Richards, Former Special Adviser & author of Be Your Own Spin Doctor 


On the receiving end; what cuts through? 

Speaker: Rt Hon Lord Andrew Lansley, Member, House of Lords (Confirmed)


Monitor & highlight success

  • Successfully illustrate campaign successes and where future benefits can be made
  • Highlight ROI and value for money

Speaker: Daniel Cochlin, Head of External Affairs, Northern Powerhouse Partnership (Confirmed)


Creative campaign, big impact, all on a shoestring budget

  • Hear first-hand about a successful public affairs campaign
  • Top-tips to take back to the office and replicate
  • Key challenges that were faced and overcome

Speaker: Jo Campion, Deputy Director Campaigning & Advocacy, National Deaf Children’s Society (Confirmed)



Exclusive Case study: Enacting a small change, making a big difference

  • Join Neil Coyle MP, Julian Enoizi, CEO of Pool Re & Laura Hutchinson to hear how to successfully amend a small part of legislation to create a big difference.

Speaker: Neil Coyle MP (Confirmed)

Speaker: Julian Enoizi, CEO, Pool Reinsurance (Confirmed)

Speaker: Laura Hutchinson, Dods (Confirmed)


Chair's closing remarks

Speaker: Paul Richards, Former Special Adviser & author of Be Your Own Spin Doctor


Close of Summit

Please note that all speakers and the agenda are subject to change without notice